Photo: Ken remarks on the excellent condition of 150-year-old Rosendale cement mortar at Fort Jefferson, Florida, during a recent Technical Support visit to the site.

Ken Uracius, a restoration mason and Vice President of Stone & Lime Imports, Inc., has worked in masonry restoration and in commercial and industrial masonry construction for more than 30 years. He has been a student and supporter of traditional masonry building techniques for in-kind repairs and rebuilding projects.

Ken was directly involved in rediscovering the history and reproducing the manufacturing techniques for historic natural cement materials, and is reintroducing this traditional masonry and concrete material for use in restoration.

Stone & Lime Imports Inc. is currently providing masonry restoration consulting services, technical support and training for natural cement applications. Contact Ken to discuss the use of natural cement for your project or visit Freedom Cement for information on purchasing natural cement.


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